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I am a creature from Finland, who loves clothing, movies and comic books. Other things I like are spiders, coffee, cats, chocolate, sushi, manga, Dragon Age, Fable, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, sauna, miso soup, sewing and drawing.
At the moment I am studying in bussiness school... but during nights I fight cri... sleep.

I have important exams tomorrow!

I have important exams tomorrow!

I am stuck.
For Garrus I want to kill the leader of the Blue Suns.. but… if I do it.. I… feel like crying… because then I had to…
Damn you Zaeed!

Wait a minute is that…?
Nicely played Bioware. ★★★★★

"Wow. Imagine that thing coming at you in a dark alley."
-Kasumi Goto

Daro’Xen vas Moreh
The entire time she spoke I kept imagining Morrigan (Dragon Age) inside the enviro-suit.

The Elders Scroll Skyrim Pointer